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    Inmate found hanging in Brown County Jail
    , Wayne Gates - Editor
    The inmate at the Brown County Jail who was discovered hanging in his cell Thursday evening  has been identified as 29 year old Jeremiah Hall of Georgetown.  Chief Deputy Carl Smith of the Brown County Sheriff's Office said Hall was discovered hanging in his cell at 8:16 p.m.and that a call to the Georgetown Life Squad went out at 8:19 p.m. Smith said that emergency responders were undertaking lifesaving measures as Hall was taken from the jail.  He was transported to Mt. Orab Mercy...
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    Deadly flash flood
    , Wade Linville - Press Staff
    Nights are typically peaceful for residents of Ripley and Stringtown roads in Brown County, but the quiet community was shaken by severe flash flooding of Red Oak Creek on Saturday night that would lead to the death of a pregnant mother and two of her children, and leave others homeless. Victoria Kennard, 32, was six months pregnant when her double-wide mobile home was swept away by the raging flood waters. The flooding also claimed the lives of two of her children –...
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    Three million in damage
    , Wayne Gates - Editor
    The flash flooding of July 18 in Brown County not only claimed three lives, it cost an estimated $2.5 to $3.0 million in infrastructure damage alone.
    That total could go higher as damage to roads, bridges and culverts is still being tallied by the Brown County Emergency Management Agency.
    Damage to county roads is estimated at $792,000 so far, with Scott Township reporting $499,500 and Union Township reporting $400,000.
    The Ohio Department of Transportation is estimating that repairs to State...
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    Ripley mourns for family
    , Wade Linville - Press Staff
    Many members of the Ripley community gathered in sorrow outside of St. Michael’s church on Tuesday, July 21, showing support for the three members and the unborn child of the Barrios/Kennard family.
    Three members lost their lives when the severe flash flooding of Red Oak Creek swept away their double-wide mobile home during the late night hours of July 18. 
    Victoria Kennard, 32, was six months pregnant when the flash flooding claimed her life and the lives of two of...
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    Excess water killing crops
    , Megan Alley - Sun Publishing Staff
    An unseasonably wet summer is having a negative effect on this year’s crop growing season.
    “[My] general assessment [is that] it’s not a pretty picture,” said Gigi Neal, Agriculture and Natural Resources educator for Ohio State University in Clermont County in an email. “The current storms that have wreaked havoc on our Tri-state area have not only hurt grain and horticulture producers, but also our livestock and forage production.”
    Neal said southwest Ohio typically receives 40-50 inches of precipitation each...
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    Twenty indicted by Brown County Grand Jury
    , Wayne Gates - Editor
    Twenty people were indicted by a Brown County Grand Jury on July 20.
    Four of them were convicted of multiple burglaries, thefts and forgeries involving multiple victims.
    Brandon Lang, 33 of Hamilton, faces 32 counts. They include a first degree felony count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, four counts of second degree felony burglary, one count of third degree felony grand theft of a firearm, ten counts of forgery and seven counts each of theft and receiving...
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    Commissioner Woodruff tells chamber ‘ducks in a row’ for Mt. Orab Auto Mall
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    The Brown County Chamber of Commerce met July 16 at Chatfield College in St. Martin.
    Economic development news was one item on the agenda as Brown County Commissioner Barry Woodruff updated the chamber on the new auto mall scheduled for Mt. Orab. 
    “This has been a tedious process,” Woodruff said, “But the last permit we needed came in yesterday, (July 15) from the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA.
    Woodruff continued, “So as it stands now, the bonds have...
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    Solar panel project kicks off at WB
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    The new solar panel project at Western Brown Local School District had a ground-breaking ceremony July 21. The project is set for completion in mid October. 
    Shovels in hand, a distinguished list of guests took part in the event, including Mt. Orab Mayor Bruce Lunsford, State Representative Doug Green and the new superintendent of Western Brown,  Raegan White, to name a few.
    The project had a rough start several years ago when the district originally signed with Kastle Solar and...
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    Scavenger Hunt included in 2nd Annual SummerFest, Aug. 7-8
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    The 2014 Brown County Chamber of Commerce SummerFest celebration was the first year for the big event and this year’s SummerFest (Aug. 7-8) will be even better than last years, according to Dannielle Williams, office manager for the chamber.
    SummerFest will be held again at the Mt. Orab Village Park.
    “We’re excited to add yet another event to the 2nd Annual Brown County SummerFest,” Williams said. “We’ve added a Scavenger Hunt for everyone to enjoy. We think this is a...
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    Fundraiser for Humane Society
    , Leon Kratz - Press Contributor
    In support of neglected and homeless pets, animal lovers and community business members should be sure to attend this year’s banquet and silent auction hosted by the Brown County Humane Society.
    The Dog Days of Summer event will be held August 1 at the Eagles Hall in Georgetown, and will give attendees the opportunity to bid on between 50 and 75 items ranging from a ride in a 1930s-era single-engine airplane to a receipt for a free dog grooming session. 
    “Last year,...
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    Fayetteville-Perry looks for ways to save district money
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    The new superintendent of Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools, Jim Brady, hit the ground running at his first board of education meeting held July 16.
    Brady noted that the Fayetteville-Perry district will only receive an additional $1,400 budget increase from the state over the next two years.
    “All I can say is, at least we didn’t lose money and that’s about as positive as I can get,” Brady said.
    He also discussed some possible money saving options.
    “One thing I would like...
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    Fayetteville council opens vehicle bids at meeting
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    In the absence of the Village of Fayetteville Mayor Bernie Vilvens,  vice mayor Jim McMullen led the July 15 council meeting.
    McMullen began the meeting by asking all visitors in attendance to hold their questions and comments until the end of the meeting. There were four visitors, including three  candidates for the Fayetteville Mayor seat.
    After approving the minutes and paying the bills for the village, Councilwoman Tina Houk asked village clerk Barb Kiley how the village was doing financially.
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    Eastern dedicates rose garden to Mike Hoskins and family
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Eastern Local School District lost one of its board members on November 24 last year with the passing of Mike Hoskins, 57, of Russellville.
    At its July 21 board meeting, Hoskins was honored by the board with a special plaque which was placed in a flower garden erected in front of the board of education building. Hoskins’ family was on hand for the event.
    “It is with loving memory and with heavy hearts that we move forward on this,” said Superintendent Michelle...
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    Ripley school board meets
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    The Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School Board met in regular session on Wednesday, July 15.
    Following opening the meeting to the public, the board went immediately into executive session.
    Upon returning from executive session the board reviewed Superintendent Linda Naylor’s monthly report. Of particular note was the completion of the updated Emergency Planning documents by each building and the district office then filing the documents with the state.
    The board approved the financial report by the school district as presented by Jeff Rowley,...