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    Treasurer forecloses on SWRMC
    , Wayne Gates - Editor
    Brown County Treasurer Connie Patrick has filed a foreclosure action against three pieces of property owned by Southwest Regional Medical Center.
    The parcels include the property on Home Street where the hospital is located, as well as former clinic locations in Mt. Orab and Fayetteville.
    The filing claims that $444,007.16 in real estate taxes are owed on the properties, which are currently owned by Dr. Krishna Surapaneni.
    The situation is complicated by the fact that sixteen other entities have judgement...
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    Details released in Applegate shooting
    , Wayne Gates - Editor
    Denise Applegate was shot four times last Feb. 2 by her estranged husband.
    An autopsy was conducted on her body by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office on March 9.
    The report shows Denise Applegate was the victim of four gunshot wounds, two to the chest from the front, one to her back from behind and one to the right arm.
    The autopsy also documents a three inch bruise on her head, and notes cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds.
    Jay Applegate’s...
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    Western Brown buys vacated Dollar General Store
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Following an executive session, members of the Western Brown Local Board of Education voted unanimously March 23 to purchase the recently vacated Dollar General Store in Mt. Orab at a cost of $360,000. The vacated building sits on approximately one acre of land and is located next to the Mt. Orab Middle school, in front of the Western High School and  across from the school’s maintenance garage.
    According to board treasurer Denny Dunlap, the decision to purchase the property was...
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    Police Chief warns parents of ‘You Now’ phone app
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Russellville Chief of Police Matt Wertz has issued a warning to all parents of children who have access to the internet and especially ones who have certain apps on their phones.
    “Parents should be aware that an app called “YouNow” can be in many phones and should be considered dangerous,” Chief Wertz said. “This isn’t a new app, but I just recently came across it on my daughter’s phone and I began looking into the app myself. I noticed that...
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    Oakley settling in as BC Juvenile Court Magistrate
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Karen Oakley has been serving as Magistrate for the Brown County Probate/Juvenile Court since February 9.
    She sat down recently with The Brown County Press to discuss her new role.
    “What I like most about juvenile court is that it’s not a court of blame, it’s a court about helping families. It is great to be in a position to affect positive change in people’s lives”, Oakley said.
    She added that her desire to help children and others started early in...
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    After 48 years, Fayetteville Police Officer Richard Brown retires
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    For the last 48 years, the Fayetteville Police Department has counted on part-time Police Officer Richard Brown, who was dedicated to his job. But March 31, 2015 marks Brown’s last day with the department as he moves into retirement.
    Richard and Betty Brown moved to Fayetteville to be near Richards family in 1967 and both fell in love with the community.  The couple reside in a restored log cabin, one of the original old historic homes in Fayetteville.
     He immediately signed on...
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    F’ville Police Chief to run for mayor, new fire chief named in village
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Bernie Vilvens, Mayor of the Village of Fayetteville for the past 16 years, announced to council March 18 that he would not be running for the seat in November.  During the meeting Councilwoman Tina Houk and Police Chief Randy Carson told council that they would both be seeking the seat.
    In order to run for mayor, Chief Carson will step down as acting police chief of Fayetteville (effective March 31, 2015). He named interim chief Edwin Schmid until after the election...
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    Ripley council assesses flood damage
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    Ripley Mayor Tom Leonard said March 24 at the village council meeting that in the days to come he would be inspecting the flooded restrooms at the ball park and begin cleaning them up. He said something had to be done about the continuing vandalism in the restrooms and said the village could not continue to replace toilets, doors, toilet seats etc. and that it is time to install cameras in the area to catch the people doing all the...
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    Hope Lodge in Cincinnati, a place to stay during cancer treatments
    , Martha Jacob - Press Staff
    When cancer patients are undergoing treatments at the Hoxworth Blood Center, University Hospital in Cincinnati, they are instructed to stay within 10 miles of the hospital. This can pose a huge and often expensive problem for people living in rural areas like Brown County. But one Fincastle man undergoing treatment at Hoxworth was directed to the Hope Lodge, only six-tenths of mile from the hospital.
    “It’s over an hour and a half drive one way to Hoxworth from my home...